NCIS – Honor Thy Father

This doesn’t happen often but NCIS finished its season without a cliffhanger. With the death of Ralph Waite it was decided a tribute episode would be done. Waite portrayed Jethro Gibbs father on the long running series. As Gibbs deals with his grief the rest of the team is working on a case.

The news covered a galley fire on a US naval ship reporting it was an accident. This was just a cover and they contact NCIS to warn them that the fire was deliberate. The ship was transporting terrorist prisoners and the fire was used to help the prisoners escape. Luckily only 2 escaped. One was a hit man for Parsa. AS the team searches for him they uncover something else. The money used to break the prisoner out came from the son of the man that Gibbs killed. You remember Gibbs killed a Mexican drug lord for killing his wife. The son and daughter held a grudge and wanted to kill Gibbs. Seems the son was still trying to get his revenge even from prison. He was the one who broke the prisoner off the boat.

While the team is discovering all this Gibbs goes back to his childhood town to get things ready for the funeral. He meets the young man, Cal, who was helping his father run the store. Eventually Gibbs gives Cal the store saying it’s what his father would have wanted. As Gibbs is going through the garage his finds and old box marked Chickadee. When he opens the box he pulls out a model boat that he and his father built for his mother. Now we know why Gibbs builds boats in his basement. His mother told him anyone with their name on a boat would never be forgotten. I still want to know how he got that one out of the basement!

I’ll admit this episode was special for me since I got to see them filming part of it when I visited California last week. We found the set by accident and watch as they set up the scenes inside the garage. This garage has been used in many shows including Supernatural. The episode had a few twist and turns but this was mostly a sendoff for Ralph Waite. They did a nice job for an actor who will be sorely missed.


Mark Harmon on the set of NCIS


Mark Harmon on the set of NCIS

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  1. Jennifer
    May 16, 2014 at 15:29

    Good tribute and pretty good finale for NCIS. It’s about time trey didn’t have a cliffhanger!

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