NCIS – Review “Hit and Run”

The episode “Hit and Run” gave us a glimpse of Abby’s first case. Not the first case at an NCIS but her first case when she was a little girl. They’ve hinted at her roaming around a junkyard when she was younger and we finally got to see it.

The team was called to a car off the road with a dead marine and a young girl.. Ducky suspects foul play but he wasn’t sure what happened. Gibbs shipped everything back to Abby. When she sees the broken window on the car she flashes back to when she was a little girl. She found a stuffed bear in a truck that was in an accident. There’s a name on the bear and she’s determined to give the bear back. Meanwhile Gibbs is trying to get Abby to focus but she off her game. So off her game that she calls out sick. This shocks the team because she never calls out. Gibbs sends Tim (Sean Murray) to go find her.

The case has taken a weird Romeo and Juliet twist. The two victims families hate each other. The young Marine and the girl fell in love but knew the families wouldn’t approve. All evidence points to the father for the killing of the girl but everyone knows it’s not the one that’s obvious. Ends up being the cousin who they loaned money to for his new green company.

We learn that Abby’s first case was similar. When she goes to return the bear the girl can’t take it because her grandfather gave it to her. Abby doesn’t understand and talks with the grandfather. You learn that he was white and the father of the little girl is black and doesn’t like him. The innocence of children come through when Abby suggests he take the bear and go talk to the dad. The grandfather refuses and young Abby is left standing on the street confused. She comes up with a solution by giving the girl a rabbit and she keeps the bear. We learn that Abby loved the bear so much it fell apart except for the fabric heart that was in the middle of the bear. Abby’s dilemma was she though she wasn’t doing enough good to over come that bad. Gibbs convinces her other wise by asking abut there first meeting. Abby had given Gibbs a fortune from a fortune cookie. She’s surprised when Gibbs pulls it out of his wallet and hands it to her. Gibbs leaves and Abby opens the fortune “New friends will someday be family”.


I love that we got a glimpse at Abby as a young girl. I’ll admit she’s a favorite and I just love how Pauley Perrette plays her. Mark Harmon is also a wonderful Gibbs. He always knows just what Abby needs. Sometimes I think Abby became a surrogate daughter to Gibbs. He certainly cares for her and doesn’t like to see her hurt.

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2 comments for “NCIS – Review “Hit and Run”

  1. January 31, 2013 at 18:06

    terrible writing. makes abbey look like someone needing mental health help. puts tony back to “clown” status,. all the caring and compassion tony showed to ziva in shiva appears to be gone. eg: asking mcgee if he spoke to ziva about her stay in israel. poor follow through on abbey’s story. please bring back the writers who can develop and write a good story line consistently.

  2. Laura "Winter" Brennan
    February 5, 2013 at 00:44


    After reading your reply I thought about the episode and your right they did drop the ball when it came to Tony. Why couldn’t he talk to Ziva when she came back from Isreal? And they did have him acting goofier then normal

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