Tonight’s ‘Arrow': “Honor Thy Father” Episode Preview Guide

Below, you can view the promo video as well as view promo pics for tonight’s episode entitled “Honor Thy Father” which has Arrow coming head to head with assassin China White (Kelly Hu, Vampire Diaries), who has been sent by criminal-of-the-week Martin Sumers (Ty Olsson, Supernatural) to get rid of Laurel, who is in the process of establishing a case against Sumers. As White prepares to take out Laurel, Oliver comes to her aid, standing guard watching over her and bring them a bit closer to understanding where the two former lovebirds stand.

This episode, so happens to mark the first time audiences are introduced to China White (Hu), one of first in a long line of numerous DC Villains we will be seeing throughout the season. For those, who are unaware of China White’s background, she is an assassin for Chinese Mobsters called the Triads. This is first episode the character will be making an appearance, but as Access Hollywood reported in a recent interview of with Kelly Hu, we can expect this character to return in a few more episodes, most likely we can assume to plan on taking down Starling City’s leather clad vigilante.

Don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode 8/7c on The CW

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