Hook the Look Danneel Harris: Step by Step Make-up Guide

Michelle Resendiz – Chicago, Il.

Danneel Harris Guide:  Step by step system to achieve Danneel’s Winter look.

Make-up Tutorial- Lauren Moshi Gallery For Free Arts For Abused Children / G Star Rodeo Drive Store Opening


1.         Start by prepping and priming the face. You should really wash your face with the three step program to help your skin look its best. Wash, tone, then apply moisturizer with SPF.  Then you can add a primer if you like… Photo Finish by Smashbox seems to be the favorite among the crowd. It helps your foundation stay on longer, and helps matte the oil throughout the evening.

2.       Then add your foundation. Depending of course on your skin tone, whether your face is oily or dry will decipher what to use. For oily skin opt for a power foundation like Avon’s Smooth Minerals collection for dry skin try a cream or liquid foundation. I like Too Faced cosmetics foundation, or Almay clean skin foundation.

3.       Apply a powder to set the foundation… again I really like the Avon Smooth Minerals line. It’s very similar to Bare Minerals, but they have a little shimmer in their all over face powder. It makes a really nice finish.


4.       Apply an apricot blush on the cheeks. I would check with Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar they have amazing mineral products really cheap, and they have some great colors to choose from. In the blush I would try Apricot, or Sahara to get a color close to Danneel’s.













5.       Eyes are the key here… first step, use a primer to base the lids. Try Urban Decays eye shadow primer. I personally love it!

6.       Next apply a lighter brown color all over the lid. You can use a couple different ones on this… to make it easier on yourself, I would buy the Naked Pallet from Urban Decay -OR- I would buy some individual colors from Lumiere Cosmetics. Make sure it’s a light shimmery brown close to this Cappuccino color from Lumiere. Apply base color all over eyelid and blend up over the crease as well.

7.       After that Use a darker brown in the crease of the eye… for this I would use Bittersweet From Lumiere.  Make sure to blend well and only use little bits on the brush at a time. A little goes a long way.

8.       Next step is to apply a little shader color in the corner of the eye. This generally is a darker color, and use in very small amounts. This is harder to do, so, I would leave this out if your make-up skill level is low. Use Chocolate covered cherries from Lumiere for this look. In the corner of the eye (Upper right corner of right eye, and upper left corner of left eye.) Add a dab of the darker color and blend down toward the lash line… and to the sides toward the nose. It’s almost like making a V in the corner of the eye.  Make sure not to go too high, and too far out onto the face with your V… the key is subtle shading. I can add photos if needed! 

9.       Add black liner very close and into the lash line. I like 24/7 liner by Urban Decay in Black. You can add to top and bottom lashes. Make sure to go a subtle/thinner on the bottom so you don’t make your eyes look too small.

10.   Mascara your bottom and top lashes. Two coats for more definition and drama! I love my mascara by Dior called Diorshow, but you can add whatever you like… as long as it’s black in color.

11.   Last- add a highlighter to the brow. Right under the eyebrow you want to add a line of a light color…such as white, or cream. For this I usually use a light eye shadow color and my blending blush and just add it at the top.


12.   Here Danneel used a light peach gloss on her lips. I would try MAC’s lip glass in Moonbathe.



  • To purchase the Lumiere line of cosmetics you can get them here.  http://www.lumierecosmetics.com/catalog/Eye_Pigments-4-1.html
  • Urban decay, Diorshow, and Smashbox can be purchased at Sephora.
  • Mac Cosmetics can be purchased online and at Mac stores Nationwide.
  • Avon Smooth Minerals collection can be found via Avon.com
  • Almay is available at pharmacy retailers.


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