More tough times are ahead for the Winchester Brothers

TV Guide was very fortunate enough to be able to catch up with Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) to talk about the upcoming seventh season of Supernatural and according to the article it seems like it is going to get worse before it gets better for the Winchester boys. Forewarning this article will contain spoilers, so beware!

During the interview Jensen expressed how surprising it was the Supernatural was able to make it thus far and how the cast and crew is looking toward the idea of season eight.

He did state that season seven directly picks up from the last episode of season six, The Man Who Knew Too Much. Jensen goes further to explain that Castiel (Misha Collins) is basically God, and he tells the Winchester Boys “has no need for them and to stay out of his way.” The brothers come to realization that when he took all of the souls from purgatory “there were much older things that got into him as well…. basically [an] unknown, enemy in the world.”

Essentially, he explains that “there’s no lore to help them out” and they may have “stash the Impala, because it’s too recognizable.” This certainly doesn’t sound good at all and seems like more trouble is just ahead. Jensen reveals that the major problem is going to be that their “credit card fraud and gambling” will be a method for this season’s big bad to track the brothers down. Jensen also states that Crowley (Mark Sheppard) will be back and he is hiding from Castiel. He is trying to start up a partnership with the boys similar to the one he had with Castiel, “if you help me, I will help you” type of scenario.

Jensen reveals that Death will be back and he is the one to explain who they are up against as well what they need to go up against Castiel. Jensen also discusses his second time directing again, stating it will be the third episode aired and it deals with a young Sam figuring out a hunt on his own, when Dean and his dad are away on their own hunt and then in present time catching a similar hunt to the one he did when he was younger. The episode features guest star Jewel Staite.

He also let slip information on Alona Tal’s (Jo) returning episode, stating that “Dean is on trial due to an Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand” and Alona is brought back as a character witness on Dean’s behalf.
Sounds, like the boys will have their hands full this season, not only with a new big bad, but also a friend turned foe.

Supernatural returns on Friday, September 23.

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