Asylum 6 Supernatural Convention Wraps

The latest fan convention for The CW’s “Supernatural” was held this weekend in Birmingham.  Over the course of three days fans of the TV show were treated to meet and greets, live musical performances and question and answer periods.

The stars of the convention were Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), , Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Brock Kelly (Young Dean), Cindy Sampson (Lisa), Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley).  Jason Manns, longtime friend of Jensen Ackles, was also on hand to give a concert.

Convention goers were also treated to a surprise autograph and photo session by Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby the Demon) and Danneel Ackles (One Tree Hill).

Not much was learned from the tight-lipped actors regarding the upcoming two-hour season finale of the sixth season of “Supernatural” but they were all more than willing to share stories about the onset antics of cast and crew.

Padalecki had trouble containing his laughter while describing a game of “Words With Friends” that resulted in him winning over a thousand dollars in a bet.  It turns out Misha Collins (Castiel) is just as feisty in his off-stage life as he is as the rebellious angel on the show.  When he discovered that he would be paying Padalecki a huge amount of money he drove around Vancouver to eight banks and got the entire payment in coins.  “There were, like, 78,000 pennies,” Padalecki told fans.

pic ©Clif Kosterman

But it didn’t end there.  Padalecki had to fight off laughter as he described what he did to Collins.  “It was like 200 pounds of change so I put it into three buckets and when he (Collins) was on set I stole his keys and unlocked his car and poured one of the buckets into his car!”

On a more personal note Padalecki spoke of the extensive time commitment involved in working on a show like “Supernatural” as one of the stars.  He and Ackles work six days a week and while he enjoys the work

In turn, Padalecki shoveled the 100,000 plus coins into buckets and then dumped half of them into Collin’s car with a note that requested it be donated to Collin’s charity “A Random Act”.

Ackles took a few moments to remember well-loved director Kim Manners.  He described his scene in “Lazarus Rising” in which he was required to dig his way out of a grave.  He actually was buried under  mounds of dirt in a large make-shift grave.   The war cry from Manners?  “Suck it up, Ackles!”

image © @marie610

Ackles also let fans know that he will be directing the second episode of Season Seven.  The cast and crew return to work early in July so Jensen will be returning to the director’s chair around the middle of the same month.  In season six Ackles directed “Weekend At Bobby’s” which was a rousing success.

Sheppard – also of Dr. Who fame – took some time to tease fans with questions about the original of Crowley.  “How do you know he’s a demon?”  Sheppard taunted.  We won’t post anything spoilery here but you can bet that “Supernatural” fans have been researching theories all weekend.  Google it.  See what you think.

Many of the cast are now on their way to AECON 2: Highway To Hell in Mannheim, Germany beginning the 20th of May.  Singer/Songwriter Jason Manns will be giving a concert in Mannheim Saturday, May 21st.   Tickets are available at the Convention site.

pic © @marie610

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  1. May 18, 2011 at 00:11

    Wouldn’t Jensen be directing the first episode filmed, like he did in season six, and never mind the airing order? Otherwise he’d be too busy filming to do prep for directing.

  2. May 18, 2011 at 06:38

    @Elizabeth, well, they usually spend a few days getting their ducks in a row before shooting. Seeing as he said early July approximately – I took an educated guess that he will be directing later than that.

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